Sunday, January 24, 2010

With a bullet

Don't look now, but at the 1/3 pole of the America East schedule, the Black Bears have moved into the top spot in the standings. Vermont's loss at Binghamton Sunday leaves UMaine percentage points in front of Stony Brook and Boston U. both of whom have 6-2 league records. The Black Bears are 5-1 with a home date against Boston U. on Wednesday.

It's been a while, but UMaine is now entering a new phase where they will actually be playing some BIG games.


Tall-boy said...

Congrats on first place! Really looking forward to Wed's game for the top of the standings. Should be a real good matchup.

I've always enjoyed your blog, keep it up!

Dan King said...

Thanks. Yes, it'll be interesting to see how UMaine reacts to playing in games that have league title ramifications. It's been a long time. BU has a lot of ammo and will be a tough matchup for Black Bears.