Saturday, January 30, 2010

UMBC 56, Black Bears 55

As far as stubbed toes go, the one suffered by the Black Bears today was a doozy. It may be throbbing for a few days.

After a shot-clock malfunction (this seems to have become a featured attraction for basketball games at Alfond) delayed the start of the game by 15 minutes, the Black Bears shooting stalled out for much of the afternoon. The Stillwater Avenue freezeout resulted in a loss to last-place Maryland-Baltimore County.

Despite 12 offensive rebounds and 10 steals, the Black Bears scored five fewer buckets than the Retrievers, who hadn't won since Dec. 20 against American. The Black Bears shot only 32 percent (17 for 53) from the floor and 64 percent (14 for 22) from the foul line. UMaine shot twice as many free throws as UMBC.

Still, with the clock winding down and a one-point lead, the Black Bears were in position to win the game. Sophomore guard Andrew Rogers missed a pair of free throws, however, and UMBC came back down the floor and won it on a short shot by seven-foot center Robbie Jackson.

Gerald McLemore paced UMaine with 16 points, but needed 16 shots to do it. Troy Barnies had 13 points and nine rebounds. Junior Bernal had nine points, seven rebounds, six assists and two steals. Rogers, a 55-percent foul shooter, had subbed in for Bernal (51 percent from the foul line) in the late-game situation where UMBC needed to foul.

Stubbed toes usually hurt for only a short while. Let's hope the Black Bears recover quickly.


Corey Johns said...

payback's a bitch!

Dan King said...

That UMBC team turned out OK, didn't it? Jury's still out on this year's Black Bears. Let's see how they respond to this.

MattT said...

I am surprised UMBC had only one win prior to today's game. They have some nice players. I was impressed with Satchell and the Neller kid can stroke the ball. I wouldn't be shocked to see them steal a couple more wins this year.
I hope Ryan Martin is working on his handle this year. We know he can make the freebies. Between Junior and Andrew it's just painful at the ole' charity stripe.

Corey Johns said...

O it totally turned out ok for UMBC, like you said, it's how you respond. In both cases I saw a team go out expecting a win, I think it's going to be a big wake up call for Maine and they'll start picking it up. Good luck the rest of the way, except when you play UMBC again.

Dan King said...

My guess is that the Black Bears reside somewhere between their 6-1 start to the AE season and yesterday's loss. A team that has now scored less than 60 points 11 times can't be compared to the Retrievers of two years ago. Now, there are different ways of attaining success, but I'm just saying ...