Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Canadian pipeline?

Black Bears are reportedly recruiting another player from the former National Elite Development Academy that produced UMaine freshmen Murphy Burnatowski and Mike Allison.

Now called the Regional Elite Development Academy, the Black Bears are reported to have interest in 6-2 point guard, Jahenns Manigat. He's from Ottawa. Check out some footage. Manigat is No. 4.


ccd494 said...

Please yes. By my math, Maine only has one scholarship available for next season (Bernal's), and I think we can all agree that a point guard is #1 on the priority list.

I was kind of hoping for a juco (get someone with some experience in there that can play right away/start over Rogers), but if this guy is as ready to play as Burnatowski and Allison, I think he'd do just fine.

Dan King said...

The bad news is that he supposedly has turned down Maine. But we don't know that for sure. They are also supposedly looking at a point guard from Bridgton Academy.

MattT said...

Manigat looks impressive on the tape. Really athletic and explosive. I hope they have a shot at him. Who are they looking at on Bridgton? I'm assuming it could be Alexander Johnson or Niang from Senegal. I'm liking the Canadian pipeline thus far. It would be nice to continue to tap into that connection and maybe land a few players they diamonds in the rough.

ScorpioGuy said...

Where did you hear that he turned down Maine? Who else is recruiting him?