Saturday, January 23, 2010

2011 AE tourney

Albany and the Times Union Center hosted America East officials Friday in pursuit of the 2011 America East Tournament. League officials will decide next year's site in March or April.

Also under consideration: Hartford (hosting the men's tourney for the first time this year), Binghamton and Boston University. There are also reports floating around that the AE office will looking into a neutral site, Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Conn.

The official Black Bears Pit vote goes to (drum roll please) ..... anywhere but Binghamton. The tourney is fine at the Events Center, the lodging is inexpensive, but the trip is just long.

Preference, in order:
1. BU ... let's face it, a trip of less than 2 hours is a plus;
2. Albany ... if it's a combined men's/women's tourney at the Times Union Center;
3. Mohegan Sun ... something different and new, willing to give it a try;
4. Hartford ... although this vote may change depending on the experience this year. Steve went down to Hartford Saturday and gave a good initial report on the Chase Family Arena.
5. Binghamton ... Nice arena, good tourney vibe, but I-88 just stinks.


Corey Johns said...

I went to Hartford to cover UMBC in the women's tournament last season and it really isn't terrible at all. The arena is a little choppy in terms of seating but there is a lot of room available. It's not quite as mice as the events center (let's face it not much is) but it's pretty good.

Dan King said...

Bing has nice facility and good tourney atmosphere, but the trip stinks. Boston U. has the nicest arena, but little tourney vibe. Albany was good atmosphere, but arena was just OK. Now, if the combined tourney goes to Times Union Center, that'd be interesting. I'm expecting a well-run tourney at UHart. They've been doing the women's tourney for years.