Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bracketology Bears

Most hoop heads know how the "bracketology" game works at this stage of the season. Various college basketball experts from around the country make weekly stabs at forecasting the NCAA Tournament brackets and the subsequent placement of teams.

It's interesting to monitor. But it's especially interesting when and if: A.) You have tickets to one of the NCAA first- and second-round sites; and/or, B.) You're team is worthy of mention in the bracketology.

So, as presumptuous as it is at this point, it was a bit fun to check out Joe Lunardi's weekly update and see UMaine as a No. 15 seed opposite second-seeded Michigan State in Milwaukee. There's a lot of hay to bale before we get to March, but it sure is fun to see UMaine appearing on national websites visited by millions of hoop fans and players. It doesn't hurt. The ironic part of it is that more hoop fans outside the state of Maine are aware of what's going on than those within the state.

Now, if we can just start seeing the Black Bears slated for "The Dunk" in Providence where we'll be setting up shot in March ... that'd be good.

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