Thursday, January 14, 2010

Temperature check

We're only a couple weeks into the conference season, but it's never too early to look at the America East stock market.

* UMaine: Show me one person who thought the Black Bears would be 9-6 at this point with a win at BC and at Binghamton and I'll show you a politician. With two AE homies on tap (Stony Brook and UNH), Black Bears have a chance to demonstrate they are legit.
* Binghamton: Despite their off-the-court issues, the Bearcats largely have played tough, witness a road win at Albany and then the bounce-back victory over Stony Brook after the overtime loss to UMaine.
* Stony Brook: The Seawolves lost a close game at Binghamton, but they also posted a 12-point win at BU and are off to their best AE start ever. Expected to be good, but without the history, there was some doubt.

Holding steady
* Vermont: Catamounts figured to be solid with Marqus Blakely and Maurice Joseph ... and they are.
* Boston U: Most everyone's pick for the top spot with a Big Three of Johnny Holland, Corey Lowe and Jake O'Brien. Terriers played the league's toughest non-conference schedule, stubbed their toe in AE home opener vs. Stony Brook, but seem to be figuring it out under first-year coach Pat Chambers.
* UNH: Wildcats will remain a tough gig with Dane DiLiegro and Alvin Abreu.

* Hartford: With the return of Joe Zeglinski, it wasn't unreasonable to expect Hawks to get a bounce. It hasn't happened to this point. A close loss at Baylor early in the season appears to have been a mirage.
* UMBC: No Proctor, no Greene and the slide has been quick and resounding. Still, this team has Chauncey Gilliam and a nice point guard in Chris De La Rosa.
* Albany: Time to buy would be right now with Great Danes. Can't see them staying at the bottom with Will Harris and Tim Ambrose. Do you feel lucky?

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