Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sober up

As if the 56-43 shellacking, adminstered by Canisius wasn't enough, a look at the Golden Griffins recent schedule reveals a sobering result for Black Bears fans. America East brother Albany hosted Canisius Dec. 13 and clocked the Griffs, 74-46, posting a whopping 56-31 advantage on the boards.

Seventeen days later, in Orono, Canisius outrebounded the Bears by 13, including a 25 rebound effort by Chris Gadley. Gadley's total is the best rebounding performance in Division 1 to date. He had 7 (his average) against Albany.

Now, comparative scores are not always accurate when assessing how teams stack up on the court, but it is fair to look at them and wonder 'what gives?'

America East play begins Saturday. Are the Black Bears ready for the increased intensity that marks conference play?


MattT said...

Binghamton has better athletes than Maine and i think it will be difficult for Maine to get clean looks in their set offense. At the same time I don't know that Maine wants to run with them because the bench is thin especially if Peay is out again, and they will get worn down. I don't think maine has much of a shot against the Bearcats.
On another topic... Socoby is playing way too many minutes. The kid is giving his all which is refreshing to see. He was exhausted in the Canisius game and I believe this is why he missed 5 free throws (he had no legs). Look at his shooting percentage, it is pretty atrocious. If they could get Peay back in the rotation maybe you cut Socoby's minutes from 37 per game to 32?
Another major problem I have is the the amount of threes they are taking. Too many set plays with stagger screens to free Socoby or McLemore. Yes, the inside game is a work in progress but wouldn't looking inside first open up the outside game? Barnies and McNally need some more touches in there. Right now most of the inside offense is by accident (on put backs) not on post ups. Maine also has good size on the wings that is not being utilized. They are not using Socoby, Bernal or Owes enough on the box. Remember Errick Greene and Eric Dobson? Sorry to ramble, years of frustration boiling over.

Rocko said...

It just seems like the Maine program has gradually deteriorated since Coach G left for LaSalle. I just get the feeling Ted is very "comfortable" in his job, knowing that a hockey school isn't going to fire its basketball coach, even if the hoops program is clearly headed down the crapper.

MattT said...

Coach G was obviously a better salesman than Woodward is. We aren't getting the same level of talent as in years prior. Part of me says the gods were smiling at Coach G. I mean he was the beneficiary of some excellent transfer players. He also utilized the JC avenue, which Woodward hasn't touched. At the same time, Gianninni made the pieces all fit together. He demanded maximum effort from his guys. Woodward is just far too laid back in his approach for my taste.