Monday, January 5, 2009

Complete 180

Five or six years ago when John Giannini first had the Black Bears play a couple games at The Pit at Memorial Gym, we attended the games and weren't convinced at all that any games should ever be conducted there barring a complete renovation.

The floor looked to be substandard, most of the views are obstructed and it just wasn't much fun to watch a college basketball game in there.

But as the poor shooting and overall performances at Alfond Arena continue to mount, we've done a complete switcheroo. If America East will allow it (and we're not so sure they'd get the OK to try and play a complete season in The Pit), UMaine should look into the possibility of moving its games there. And nostalgia has nothing to do with it. The Pit as it is now, isn't what UMaine basketball needs. But it would be better than what we see now, which is lifeless performances in front of lifeless small crowds at Alfond.

Slap a little paint around to brighten the place up. Put up some newer, better looking wall pads, put in a better floor and move into the place. At least they will be playing on hoops that they actually get practice time on.

As it is now, opposing teams practically get as much practice time at Alfond as the home team. We're not blaming the venue for the Black Bears' woes of recent seasons, but moving the games to The Pit would at least give them some type of advantage. Namely, familiarity.

Maybe the renovation is going to happen, maybe it won't. But the moment is here for a decision to be made. Alfond Arena hasn't proven to be much of a home for UMaine basketball at this point in time.

More like the Bates Motel.


goooooood girl said...

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MattT said...

According to an article in the BDN today. Maine has secured another verbal from a Canadian teammate of Burtanowki's. A 6-9 205 lb forward (skinny,yikes!). Apparently the kid is a shot blocker, who needs to hit the weight room and the protein.

Dan King said...

I'll raise your yikes ... 6-9 two-oh-five?