Thursday, January 15, 2009

America East tourney

During an interview that aired at halftime of Wednesday night's Vermont/Boston U. game, America East Commissioner Patrick Nero said the conference will host its 2010 men's and women's basketball tournaments at the same site on the same dates. He said the site, neutral or on-campus, has yet to be decided.

The Metro Atlantic Athletic Association, which has 10 schools, uses this format. America East has nine members.

We can't think of many negatives. The building is already being used so it essentially makes it an around-the-clock affair. The hotels will like it. Economically, for the league, it probably creates some savings.

Black Bears Pit attends the men's tournament every year. Being able to support both UMaine teams in a tournament setting would be fun. It seems logical that there might be some cross-over support both ways among all the schools.

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