Friday, October 22, 2010

First look

Fans will get their first look at the 2010-11 Black Bears Sunday at the annual Blue-White game. It's safe to say that expectations for a UMaine men's hoop team haven't been this hopeful for at least five or six years.

The Black Bears have a strong nucleus returning from a 19-11 squad that surprised last year and finished third in America East. Based on that performance, many publications and league coaches have picked UMaine to finish high up in the standings again.

The common refrain heard around the team is "if things break right and fall into place" maybe this club could do the unthinkable and win the league title and the program's first-ever NCAA berth.

To which we say, "whoaaaaaa, Nellie." There's a lot of turf to cover before the club gets to that point. One only has to look across the parking lot to the football field to find an example of a team talking bravely (and listening to glowing reports) before the season only to have it unravel in a matter of weeks.

Remember, this Black Bears basketball team hasn't won a postseason game since assistant coach Chris Markwood was lacing them up. This Black Bears team was the only higher seeded team to lose its America East quarterfinal game last year.

Sure, we all love to read the glittering reports about the Black Bears and once again enter a season with a little swagger. But remember, it's all just so much talk unless it is backed up.

Sunday we'll be re-introduced to the Black Bears. Three weeks from Sunday, another college hoops journey begins.

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Jonathan Dumont said...

singleton looks legit. not impressed by fraser. needs to lose 15-20 pounds. had a couple of lobs thrown to him that should have been easy dunks but he couldn't get more than 8" off the ground to catch the ball. he rebounds like a girl in that he doesn't really leave his feet. one bright spot: better post moves than most, decent defender, can throw his weight around. he needs to pull a jeff pelage and hit the weight room so he can be effective or else he'll end up as the next svet.