Sunday, October 31, 2010

Exhibition place

The Black Bears downed Cape Breton Saturday in an exhibition game at Alfond Arena.

Steve attended the game and called in a report:

* Sean McNally appeared to have trimmed down a bit and was moving very well on the inside until an apparent ankle injury knocked him out of the exhibition early in the second half. According to published reports, the injury is not serious. McNally was on the bench for the duration of the contest.

Hopefully, the injury won't become a lingering issue.

* Raheem Singleton (above) doesn't mind physical play; an important characteristic for guards in America East. Once conference play begins, guards who can't withstand constant hand-checks, clutching and grabbing get pushed around and eventually out.
* UMaine dominated the rebounding (to be expected), but also committed a ton of turnovers (not necessarily expected).

* Troy Barnies brought his usual energy and effort.

* Murphy Burnatowski came off the bench and looked good. The starters were Gerald McLemore, Singleton, McNally, Barnies and Malachi Peay.

* Terrance Mitchell and Travon Wilcher were held out of the game.

Next stop Utah Valley State on Nov. 12.

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Jonathan Dumont said...

Note: terrance mitchell out 6 weeks, as posted on umaine basketball's facebook page.