Saturday, February 20, 2010

Disco inferno

Forgot to mention a humorous event from the New Hampshire game that involved Terrance Mitchell.

At the end of the first half, the Black Bears were inbounding the ball and had the length of the court to go for a hoop. With 1.6 seconds on the clock, Troy Barnies (if memory serves) threw a baseball pass to Mitchell who was on the right sideline somwhere between mid-court and the hash mark. As time expired, Mitchell tossed up a desperation 3-pointer and was inexplicably fouled. That wasn't so funny to UNH coach Bill Herrion.

The humor came as Mitchell lined up to shoot the free throws. As he was getting ready to loft the first one, UMaine coach Ted Woodward, the bench and Black Bear fans noticed the scorer's table hadn't turned off the bright orange lights that outline the backboard when the shot clock/game clock expires. Mitchell made the first, then the second, with the lights on before the scorer's table and the officials shut it off. Then Mitchell made the third.

Good concentration on Mitchell's part.

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