Friday, February 26, 2010

Give a T to Maine sports fans

Can hardly believe it's been 11 years since attending our first America East Tournament in Delaware. We look forward to this event so much every year and enjoy the atmosphere and competition.

It's truly a pleasure to see ballplayers at this level of Division 1, competing for that one shot at playing in an NCAA Tournament. While the big time D1 programs are permeated by a professional "hands off" type of atmosphere, leagues like America East have a unique closeness about them. You can talk to the players and coaches and they actually enjoy the relationships and appreciate their fans.

The only regret I have is that UMaine, for whatever reason, does not have the type of following evident at other schools in America East. And it's not even close. At any other place in the league, a team having the success that Maine has had this year would have been banging out their arenas and gyms.

Not in Orono, though. The Black Bears get no home crowd. Ever.

Nineteen-win seasons don't grow on trees in Maine. Yet, no one seems to have noticed. Guess there's just only so much room at the Maine sports fans' table.

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