Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Game 8

UM-Presque Isle (0-4) at Black Bears (3-4)
Wednesday, Dec. 9, 7 p.m.
Memorial Gym, Orono

The game is scheduled for "The Pit," Maine's practice facility and, hopefully sometime this century, its future home. Game may be threatened by today's storm. After two-game foray to polar opposites of the college hoop spectrum (Syracuse/Presque Isle; and how many times have those two words ever appeared in the same hoops sentence), the Black Bears returned to normalcy when they host Kennesaw State Sunday.

For what it's worth: Fordham (without leading scorer Jio Fontan who has announced plans to leave the Bronx school) defeated expected America East contender Stony Brook last night ... by 16 (93-77). Huh?

Wonder if Jio, a native of Puerto Rico and a product of famed high school St. Anthony in Jersey City, could find happiness in Orono? He led Fordham in scoring last year at 15-plus a game and was named to the All-A-10 rookie team.


JD said...

i realize that kids who transfer down from bigger d1 schools makes the talent pool in aeast go up, but what is the future of the league if all the coaches just abandon the mom and pop feel the league has/had?

not saying these kids aren't good kids, but don't you think that maybe some of them have reasons, and that patterning yourself after binghamton probably is something you should avoid.

Dan King said...

Agreed, would rather have talented kids for four years, but it is a fact of life in low-D1 that you've got to be open to transfer possibilities. But not interested in the Bing route, i.e., selling your soul for a short-term gain. As for Jio, it was mostly tongue-in-cheek as he stated the reason he was leaving Fordham was because he was tired of losing.