Friday, February 27, 2009

Welcome wagon

The list of players who have notched career best point totals against the Black Bears this year has grown to six, including each of the past three games. Not a good sign with Vermont coming to town Sunday.

Here are the recipients of UMaine's welcome wagon (starting with the most recent) goody basket:

* Jeff Pelage, Boston U. ... 10 points (kicked in a career best 12 rebounds for good measure)
* Jerel Hastings, Albany ... 19 points (also said 'what the heck' and grabbed best ever 10 boards)
* Dane Diliegro, New Hampshire ... 21 points (his 12 rebounds weren't his best, but we see a theme developing here)
* Michael Turner, Hartford ... 26 points (at least he didn't have a double-double)
* Jake O'Brien, Boston U. ... 24 points (since topped it with 25 vs. UMBC)
* Justin Rutty, Quinnipiac ... 30 points (almost a Black Bear)

For the heck of it, let's take a look at how the respective outbursts compare to their season averages:

Plus 16, Diliegro: 5 ppg
Plus 15, Rutty: 15 ppg
Plus 15, Turner: 11 ppg
Plus 14, Hastings: 5 ppg
Plus 12, O'Brien: 12 ppg
Plus 7, Pelage: 3 ppg

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