Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Young guns

Went up to Augusta Monday night to see Sam Leclerc (Winthrop) and Thomas Knight (Dirigo) play in their teams' respective Class C West quarterfinal matchups. Black Bears coach Ted Woodward stopped in to catch some of the action also.

Leclerc, a 6-1 point guard, scored 28 in Winthrop's win over Hyde. The game featured absolutely no defense whatsoever. It looked like the NBA's rookie-sophomore challenge (minus the acrobatics, of course).

Knight is a raw-boned 6-8 frontcourter with a nice-looking lefthanded shot. He seems to have a lively body and went to the floor several times to scrap for loose balls. Other than that, because North Yarmouth Academy held the ball for much of the game, there wasn't much to see. Actually bolted with a few minutes left on the game clock because NYA's game plan was sleep-inducing and had a ways to drive home. Dirigo won handily.

Lee Academy coach Carl Parker, who coached both Leclerc and Knight in AAU ball, was at courtside.

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