Wednesday, February 20, 2008

BU blues

For some reason, that Animal House line, "Thank you sir, may I have another," kept playing in my head while watching the Black Bears go quietly into the Boston University night by a 73-54 count, and it wasn't that close.

In play-in relatd action, New Hampshire took care of Stony Brook and winds down the America East schedule with a roadie at UMBC and Vermont at home. The Black Bears are faced with having to win two out of three to get out of the play-in game.

Judging by the past two games (pastings from the two BUs), Black Bears might not have enough fuel in the tank to even come close. The Bears finish with Stony, UMBC and then conclude the regular season at Vermont.

Not sure what hurts more, the back-to-back spankings or the fact 8-6 at this point in the season is good for third place and UMaine isn't even within sniffing distance.

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