Monday, January 31, 2011

Bracket black out

Second-place Vermont will get a televised game at College of Charleston as part of the Bracket Buster games coming up in a couple weeks.

When the announcement was made, even ESPN's Vermont-loving Andy Katz said, "that should be Maine." The first-place Black Bears were passed over in favor of the Catamounts despite having a win over Penn State and a double-digit victory at Vermont to its credit. Not to mention a first-place standing in America East.

Apparently, the Black Bears will be paired with Siena, a former America East foe that now plays in the MAAC.

I suppose it makes sense for ESPN. They won't have to do any homework for Vermont. Just drag out Tom Brennan for a few corny bromides and play the T.J. Sorrentine clip ad nauseum.

What do you expect from the network that gives us round-the-clock Brett Favre and Duke updates. ESPN has a formula and sticks to it. And it trickles all the way down to the little guys.

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