Thursday, November 4, 2010

Coach Reed

Kevin Reed, the top three-point shooter in UMaine history, has accepted the head basketball coaching position at Bangor Christian High School.

Good luck, coach.

One of my favorite Kevin Reed moments:

When my daughter was younger, she used to pick a favorite Black Bears player every year.

Some her favorite players were Huggy Dye, Justin Rowe, Eric Dobson, Joe Campbell and Kevin Reed. One year, we found her a baby blue basketball outfit with Kevin Reed's number on it. We affixed the letters K. REED and she used to wear it all the time.

At one game, she was walking somewhere near the bench and I could see from a distance that one of Reed's friends in the stands yelled something to him. Reed turns around and broke into a smile when he saw her.

She's older now, but she still has her favorite ... Troy.

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