Saturday, September 18, 2010

TV time

UMaine's game at Stony Brook on Saturday, Feb. 12, will be televised by ESPNU at 11 a.m.

The Black Bears and Seawolves are expected to contend for the regular season America East title.


MattT said...

You're alive!! Can't wait for some hoops this season. Hoping Singleton will be the point guard we've been missing. Thinking Eric Dobson with a jump shot.

Jonathan Dumont said...

Matt, you should check out MBR as well. There's some maine bball chat there and since it's a messageboard you get some pretty widespread feedback.

Dan, glad to see you're back in action as well.

I've seen singleton around campus, he's certainly not anymore than 6'0" but he looks relatively solid and if he can shoot a lick (26pt effort with 5 threes says he can) then that should really put pressure on other teams. I don't see a weakness on this team except for maybe backup pg? i think rogers will do fine there so even then i'm not counting that as a weakness.