Monday, March 1, 2010

Bearcats out

The Press & Sun Bulletin in Binghamton just reported that Binghamton University has withdrawn its men's basketball team from the America East Tournament.

Citing the "controversy currently surrounding the program" and the "possible distractions that may occur this weekend," Binghamton President Lois DeFleur made the announcement.

Two questions that need to be asked: Why now (and not, say, a few months ago)? What distractions?

My guess is that this is a "granstanding" move by an administration that is melting in the face of pressure. As for the distractions, well, I would presume she is referring to the prospect of Binghamton possibly winning a game or two and having the past indescretions brought up anew.

On both counts, the Binghamton administration has taken two big swings and missed badly. This decision does not make them look good in any sense of the word. It only makes them look desperate. They have now effectively punished the rest of the schools, their students and fans, for their own wrongdoings.

After careful consideration, the league needs to severely penalize Binghamton.

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