Monday, October 26, 2009

Blue/White recap

Steve made the trip up to Orono for the annual Blue/White game (while I was stuck at work). He filed this report late Sunday night:

First impressions
Overall team ball handling and athleticism looks to be improved. ... Jerry Boswell has a nice shot and an "Eddie House" quick release. ... Terrance Mitchell looks solid. ... Mike Allison runs the floor well and is a better athlete than expected. ... Enjoyed the segment of the game where guards Ryan Martin and Andrew Rogers were going at each other. ... Gerald McLemore looks ready to ascend the stairway to stardom. ... Travon Wilcher started slowly, but came on strong throughout the scrimmage. ... Chetinov is improved, Barnies added some muscle. ... McNally and Bernal as expected. ... Didn't see much from Peay.

Final thought
Pleasantly surprised with team's energy and improved athleticism.

Only 18 days until the opener vs. Fordham.


MattT said...

Sean McNally looked out of shape, too heavy. Chetinov really looked good and in excellent shape. It would be nice if Martin could give them some minutes at the point, he can shoot the ball. Rogers and Bernal still offensively challenged. I liked Allison. Burnatowski looks the part, but not assertive. McAllian is going to be the last guy on the bench. Wilcher needs some seasoning but has raw materials. I really thought Mitchell looked like a starter and Boswell can definitely help the teams shooting. Barnies looks confident and ready to be a leader. I think he will start and boost his stats from last year. I would agree that McLemore looks like an All-Conference player. Woodward has a lot of interchangeable parts. How is he going to utilize them? It will be interesting to see who is in the rotation. From what I saw, 13 of the 14 guys have a legitimate chance to play. There should be some heated battles in practice this pre-season.

Dan King said...

No doubt, if the Black Bears are to exceed AE coaches forecast, Mitchell and Boswell have to step in and produce, McNally and Barnies have to be good ... and McLemore has to build on his freshman year.