Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One door closes ...

With the exit of Mark Socoby comes an opportunity to fill his roster spot. The Black Bears already have three freshman and a UMass transfer coming on board for next season.

Wonder if there's any chance of the Black Bears being able to track down a junior college scorer? UMaine suddenly has 35 minutes a game to fill and the team desperately needs someone who can flat out score.

You look up and down the rosters of every America East team and everyone (maybe not Albany, but Tim Ambrose isn't bad and Will Harris is close) has at least one or two players you pretty much know are going to get their points on any given night. The Black Bears never knew from game to game what they were going to get from anyone. And that would have been the case whether Socoby came back for his senior year or not.

Recruits coming in next year are freshmen Jacob McLemore (6-2 guard out of San Diego), 6-6 wing Murphy Burnatowski (Canadian junior national team), 6-9 forward Mike Allison (Canadian junior national team) and a sophomore, 6-7 forward Travon Wilcher (UMass transfer).

It's not reasonable to expect any of those four to be prime time point producers. Of the players coming back, Gerald McLemore showed great promise and must keep improving. But it is hard to look at anyone else on the current UMaine roster and expect a huge bump in point production. Not saying we couldn't be surprised; just not counting on it.

That's why it'd be nice to find a junior college guy who can come in and do what Muhammad El-Amin did for Stony Brook. Or, how about Fred Meeks, remember him? He came to UMaine about 10 years ago and provided instant scoring punch.

There have got to be guys out there looking for the chance to play, play a lot and score the ball. UMaine's got 35 minutes a game worth of opportunity.


MattT said...

I know Maine was looking at a couple of Junior College guards according to the America Least spreadsheet but a player that is still unsigned that would be a good addition is Martino Brock from MCI. A 6'4 swingman with good athletic/slashing ability, he was probably MCI's best player. I don't know that Maine is looking at him, or would have a chance at landing him, but he would certainly be a welcome addition and give Maine another threat who can drive the ball and score.

thepit said...

Someone that can score from day one.

ccd494 said...

Hey, why not wait and see who gets thrown out of a high major program this summer, apply for a waiver, sit back and watch them dominate the AE.

It worked for Bing!

thepit said...

Probably going to be a couple out of work athletic fundraising guys, courtesy of Binghamton, real soon. Maybe they could come to Orono and raise some money for The Pit renovation.