Friday, March 28, 2008

Cheeseheads and Mainers

Is it any more unrealistic for UMaine to compete in the America East with a roster dominated by Maine high school products than it is for Wisconsin to compete in the Big Ten and nationally with a team full of Dairy State products?

I suggest Black Bears fans read the article in today's New York Times. Very interesting to this Black Bears fan. I'd throw encouraging in there, too.

Obviously, you're talking about a different caliber of kid coming out of the Wisconsin high school ranks as compared to Maine. But then again, they are making a jump to a high-major. Maine high school products are making the transition to America East, a low-major.

We all know that coach Ted Woodward has a plan to build a program by getting the best kids from the state of Maine and then fill in around them for the missing ingredients. The jury's still out on this plan, but if it works (and I think it can if UMaine gets the right mix), the payoff should be huge.

We all hoped for better results this season, especially considering the overall lack of strength in America East, but the validity of this vision will become a little clearer next season when the roster is full of guys who should know now what it's going to take to compete at the AE level.

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